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Master, the following question has come to my mind: I have the impression that You often ask and recommend certain actions, but You do not give commands. Why is that so?

You have touched on one of Mysteries of Creation, here.

Because of who I am, my commands get fulfilled instantly. So, there is no need for passing them on paper in a book.

This book is a help for you – a helping hand extended in a way you are able to receive.

In this world God asks you for a turn towards Him, towards His love, because this is the way it was earlier conceived and is being executed. In other words, such a Divine Plan we are implementing now and there is no need to abandon it. Obviously other Plans exist and they have different ways of execution and different realities. Our plan is as it is and this is both good and beautiful. Pressure and commands on my part would disrupt its superb and elaborate construction. And in this Scene I am the one who stays in the shade.

Come and stay in it along with me.

Master, if You were to point out three or four qualities You would like people to possess, what would these be? Is this kind of approach reasonable at all?

Yes, it makes sense of course, and the answer is simple.

The great four qualities or abilities are:

the ability of turning towards Love,
devotion to the loving Creator,
patience, and


Life is too rich in its manifestations to try to encapsulate it into one set of rules. They all wither with time and become limitations. Therefore we will take another route – one that opens rather than closes, one that shows the direction and helps on the way, but does not define it hundred percent. Whether you go left or right is not as important as you’re going hand in hand with the Creator.

Remember that neither words nor concepts from the book are this route, but what is happening at every moment between me and you, is. It is love that flows when you are actively turning towards me – now, here.

This is a very important point to note: the spiritual path is the relationship between you and Divinity.

Remember: the spiritual path is the relationship between us. It is a relationship that does not require a middleman. It is a unique and intimate relationship, a relationship whose base and purpose is Love.

All that is outside is just help, but it may become an obstacle. Books, churches, clergymen and traditions were supposed to help, but have become a source of barriers.


Love is beyond this – above and beyond.No religion has any rights to it – no religion, no rights.

Each being has the full right to Love.

Love is that which flows between us, between you and me, and not between me and an institution or an organisation.

Love is me and you.

Leave religion and tradition and come to the living and loving Divinity.

Religion with its dogmas and tradition, with its rituals, is already the past. Love is the present, Divinity is the present. Find it. It is here and is waiting for you.

It is within an arm’s reach.

It has always been here.

It will always be here.

It has always been available.

It has always waited for you.

This message is just for you.


Understanding of what I am saying is good, but cannot be equalled to love towards the Creator. You are not here to acquire and accumulate knowledge about spiritual matters. Your task is to love the Creator.

Understanding is nothing. Love is everything.

Much should change in your attitude towards me and towards yourselves. First, a few words concerning your relations with me. As I have already said, I am Love and therefore you should offer everything you do only to Love, this Force which lies at the foundation of the structure and operation of the Universe. Turning towards me will bring you much inspiration, calmness and, as time goes, also love. These are the only actions that lead you beyond the confines of the world you live in, the only actions that make deep sense, whose value can be gauged only on a scale of centuries and millennia. Everyone who gets close to me and stays with me in love will be closer and closer to me in this life as well as in every subsequent time he comes to stay here.

It is inner seeing of Divinity in every being which you should be pursuing in your spiritual life. See Divinity, speak to Divinity, be with it and in it, love it. This is the path to God.

Love in Action
Conversations with a Spiritual Master

Love in Action Book Cover

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