First Steps Towards Love

Book Cover, First Steps to Love

Join Daniel Ostoja as he converses with the Master, and learns about the ocean of love awaiting discovery within each and every one of us.

Love comes from outside of this artificial world. Happiness flows from experiencing Divinity and cooperating with it. Devote thirty percent of the time that you spend on your interest in worldly matters, for interest in Divinity, and life will change right away. Here is this huge gold mine worth exploitation.

Why should you bother with yet another book about the Divine? Why bother reading at all? What is the benefit? What should we do with what we have read? Is there any use in stuffing our heads with even more information?

First of all know that studying books alone is not enough. If you believe they contain spiritual truths, you will profit immensely when you start putting the guidance read into practice. A gram of practice is worth more than a tonne of theory. If you want to turn towards Divinity and experience its miraculous love, if you want to meet Light and become one with it, read and make the learned spiritual truths a practice.

Secondly, begin reading with the highest possible humility and trust in Divine Power and Love. Pray and ask to be shown which contents you should study, what to get acquainted with, what to practice.

Ask for light and love, so that the Creator may take advantage of the times when you study His words or other spiritual truths to direct you towards Himself. Thanks to this you will lead a more balanced life full of joy and happiness. Spiritual books carry within them the power of turning any kind of love towards the Source. Ask for a chance to take the next step towards God. Ask Him to become your Guide.

Daniel Ostoja shares the narrative of his life journey, in particular, his spiritual experiences from the days of his youth. As a young man, Daniel read of meditation and practised it himself, right from reading about it in a book.

My meditation did not have any religious character at that time. I used to merely sit with my legs crossed, focusing my mind on a place inside of my stomach and controlled my breath, waiting until my thoughts became quiet. It was very difficult at the beginning, but at the beginning everything is difficult and I was aware of this. I used to sit in zazen three times a day, for half an hour each time, and sometimes also for thirty minutes before going to bed.

This was to bring about his first experiences of zazen, and seeing the Light. Daniel also saw many Masters and Teachers. They would come in his dreams and appear in his third eye. Daniel would converse about his experiences with the Master. (The Master replies in blue.)

One of masters was sitting in front of something that resembled a computer; however it was operated by using thoughts and the computing power was millions times that of computers we use nowadays. He was sitting focused on the screen, where, in a way difficult to explain, future spatial scenarios of events were generated and from billions of possibilities He was choosing the one to be carried out in the real world.

Tell Me how he was doing it.

He was a very important master. Other masters were sitting around and waiting for the final result. They were to take care of the details. The master had let me see over his shoulder, showed me how the scenarios are created and on how many levels they have to be considered. I remember that thousands of pictures were flowing with incredible speed in front of my inner eye. Then, when I asked him how he was going to choose the right one, he pointed his heart and said that God in his heart would tell him. At that time his answer was a riddle to me.

The answer comes from the heart. Divinity resides in everyone’s heart. Everything is determined in advance. Economic changes, stock exchange fluctuations. Everything.

One of Daniel’s experiences which he shares early into this narrative was a visit to the nearest star inhabited by intelligent beings. Daniel utilised his skills at meditation to request the opportunity to visit this planet, and was granted that request. Read on to enter Daniel’s feelings as he first encounters this planet, a place of divine love:

This time my consciousness spread out and embraced the unimaginably immense expanse of the whole planet. This was a great reconciliation with Love, with Nature, with God. It was an inexpressible feeling…

Consciousness celebrated its triumph. Freed of everyday limitations, consciousness was finding fulfilment in union with everything. It desired nothing. How can you long for anything being everything?

For some time we were floating high above the clouds; then the vehicle dived down and after some time I saw the surface of the planet through the milky fog. In the midst of an inexpressible sweetness of omnipresent love I heard an unusual song. Or rather, I should say I felt it with all my being, as if I heard and experienced a passion induced by a chorale sung by angelic hosts. However these were not sounds, but vibrations of love, some stronger, some quieter, harmonised into one huge spatial symphony. I became completely engrossed in listening to the tones of that song of love, a song of existence, reaching into me on inner waves of sweet ecstasy.

On one occasion Daniel was meditating and the veil of reality was lifted. All he could see was light, light, light. In speaking with the Master about this experience, Daniel told that he was frightened, when this visible and noticeable world started melting, going out of sight. It began to dawn on him that Light was the only reality, Daniel asked the Master about his fear, and this experience. (The Master speaks in blue.)

Fear is a big problem for many of you. Fear prevents you from opening up to accepting Love the way it deserves.

Closed hearts are the second problem. They are closed to love, to others, to Divinity. Overdue concerns with oneself, property, desires, cravings and ideas are to be blamed. Divinity is very, very close. It is here all the time. Everything is light. An image of physical impressions is formed only in your minds and around this image you build up this world. What you call ‘world’ is composed of bundles of impressions and visualisations strengthened for many years. This world is thoroughly mental in creation and is not physical in nature.

Much of this book is a dialogue between Daniel and the Master. Daniel is courageous, he will hide nothing and bare his soul, his thought and his attachments. On the one hand, we actually see Daniel’s mind at work as we read, and on the other hand, we share in his wonder at the replies that come, in dialogue. Some time after the commencement of his writing, Daniel put his pen down and simply paid his attention to spiritual matters and matters of the day at hand. Here, Daniel shares the process of taking up his pen again. (The Master replies in blue.)

I do not know whether anything valuable will result from this work. Time will show. Thus I am inviting you on a journey into the unknown. We do not know where we are, or what the goal is. Forgetting worldly matters, off we go.

You really wrote at length. You wrote a good preface.

I do not know. It came on its own, without a second thought.

This is a good way to break free of your own concepts.

And I am feeling turned off; simply nothing is coming to my mind – complete silence.

And that’s what it is all about. When the mind is quiet, there is a silence, in which you can hear the Voice. The Voice constantly speaks, speaks about love, about unity of all life. It shows you the path, on and on.

You say constantly?


Master, why are you laughing?

You are asking me if I speak constantly. Yes. Just think. The whole universe is my discourse. It is an expression of Myself.

First Steps Towards Love
Conversations with a Spiritual Master

Book Cover, First Steps to Love

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